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Announcement of the Shitro empowerment. March 10, 2024

Announcement of the Shitro empowerment. March 10, 2024

Dear Sangha! Kyabje Ga Lhakhang Rinpoche will give an initiation of Shitro, the hundred peaceful and wrathful deities, from Tibet. This initiation will introduce you to the experience as described in the Tibetan Book of the Dead (Bardo Thodol) and enhance the accompanying practice of phowa. Shitro includes teachings on peaceful and wrathful deities and the true nature of the mind. It is said that only by hearing this teaching can one avoid birth in the lower worlds. And by comprehending it, one is able to attain the final state of vidyadhara (holder of knowledge). One hundred peaceful and wrathful deities are actually located in the mandala of the human body – the peaceful deities reside in the heart and the wrathful deities in the brain.

Event time: March 10, 2024 10:00 Show time in my timezone
Minimal donation: 5 euro / per person.
Suggested donation: 25 euro / per person.
Any donations are gratefully appreciated.


Attention! Registration will be closed when the maximum number of participants is reached.